The PFBA held a Listening Event on 25th November with the focus on mental health support services for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs. We had heard from many parents about accessing mental health services for their children, and this was the basis of the event. The parent carers  who attended the online meeting met with the Children’s and Young People’s Services across Bradford who updated on their service and then answered questions and queries about the services. The parent carers who attended were very positive about the event and were pleased to find out more about the services provided.

The questions that were submitted and the responses given can be read here.

We heard from five different local services – you can view these presentations using the links below:

Thrive A system wide programme which aims to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people living in Bradford District and Craven.  Joanne is employed by NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG, but works with partners across health, social care, education, the community and voluntary sector to improve services, the experiences of children, young people, parents and carers accessing support and the outcomes achieved.


Kooth and Qwell is an online mental health and emotional wellbeing service available to young people (aged 10-18). Kooth is a free, safe, anonymous, BACP accredited community that is accessible 365 days of the year, where young people sign themselves up to access same-day chat and counselling sessions. All our chat and counselling sessions are text-based conversations that take place on the Kooth website, and last up to an hour. Young people can also get peer-to-peer support. Qwell is a service for adults. You can find out more about Kooth here


Youth In Mind Know Your Mind service supports young people in central Bradford with mental health and wellbeing I am also the Programme Lead for Youth in Mind, which is a collaboration of 7 organisations providing a range of support for children and young people.


Mental Health Support Service  The team work on a 1:1 basis with children and young people who are presenting with mild to moderate mental health difficulties. We have a variety of interventions which are suitable for young people aged 5-18. They also work with parents/carers for several interventions including Parent Led CBT and our parenting programme for conduct problems.


Camhs Specialist CAMHS is a 9-5 service for children and young people with considerable levels of mental health difficulties. CAMHS professionals include Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Primary Mental Health Workers, Mental Health Nurses and Practitioners, Support Workers and Therapists.


If you prefer to view the slides without the presentation, you can see these below – click on each name to view:



Youth In Mind

Mental Health Support