Since 2009, we have developed to enable us to offer support to many more parent carers in the Bradford district.

Some of the PFBA’s most recent achievements include:

  • Named as a strength in the Bradford area, following the Local Area SEND Ofsted/CQC Inspection.
  • Influencing local disability/SEND services by sharing parents’ lived experiences to the professionals who make the decisions.
  • Co-chairing the SEND Partnership Board jointly with the Assistant Director for SEND and inclusion.
  • Developing and delivering a peer-support programme for parents and carers of children in mainstream schools . Following visits to schools, parent carers have felt empowered, gained confidence, begun to build a new support network and gained knowledge about SEND services.
  • Regular Education, Health and Care Plan workshops allow parents to support each other, get useful information, and individual advice for whatever stage their child is at in the EHCP process.
  • Issuing Max Cards to local families to allow them to enjoy affordable days out.
  • Signposting parent carers to the correct services and providing information.


The PFBA began in 2009 when a group of parent carers came together to address concerns that came about due to the restructure of the special schools in the Bradford area.

The PFBA was founded in 2009 when a group of parent carers came together to provide a forum for 9 new special schools in Bradford. After the restructure was finished, it was decided to continue with the Forum and look at wider issues concerning parents and carers of disabled children and young people and with help from Barnardo’s and the National Parent Forum we grew and become a registered charity in 2010.

Our focus is always drawn from what parent/carers want to know more about or what they are concerned with. Our aim is to try and be a voice for families of children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs.
At present there are over 9000 families with a child/young person with SEN or disabilities in Bradford and this continues to grow. Our membership has quadrupled, mainly through our outreach work but we need your help to reach even more families who need support.