The PFBA committee and three paid staff are all parent carers of a children or young people who have a range of special needs and/or disabilities. We all bring our experiences and passion for supporting and empowering other parent/carers on their journeys through the complex world of services.


New person coming soon!
New person coming soon!Admin Coordinator
Adele Jones
Adele JonesEngagement Manager
Julie Bruce
Julie BruceProject Manager


Michael Firth
Michael FirthChair
Philippa McCann
Philippa McCannTrustee
Anne Irondet
Anne IrondetTrustee
Emmeline Chellam
Emmeline ChellamTrustee
Naomi Dennison
Naomi DennisonTrustee
Fiona Cooper
Fiona CooperTrustee
Tasneem Kauser
Tasneem KauserTrustee
Carol Beardmore
Carol BeardmoreCo-opted Member