Since 2014, NHS England has had a Youth Forum, made up of up to 25 young people a year from all over
the country, who have a passion for improving health services. It gives a space to young people to express
their thoughts on the health issues that matter most to them.

By bringing young people together to share their perspectives and experience, and those of their peers, it is
possible to identify and address key areas for healthcare improvements. The Youth Forum works in
partnership with NHS England, Public Health England and Department of Health enabling them to have a
direct impact on the health services that young people use.

You can find out more about the Youth Forum here

They are very keen to engage young people with additional needs and say “We would very much welcome applications from austistic young people and young people with  learning disabilities. Our approach would be to meet with the young person prior to the programme starting to discuss their needs and how we can best support them.  This may be simple adjustments such as sending information through in advance or in a particular format but we also have an inclusion fund which we can use to provide additional support that may have financial implications as well.  British Youth Council staff will be available throughout the programme in order to support and can address any issues should they come up.

In terms of applying we are happy to receive applications in any format that best suits the young person so this can be a voice recording or written application. If any further support is required I’m very happy to talk through on an individual basis.  If there is any best practice around the application stage that you would like to share with us please do as we are always learning and endeavouring to be as accessible as possible and ensure diversity on our forum.”

You can contact Cat Jamieson directly by email: