There’s still time to join in our Behaviour Support Q&A session next Monday, 30th November, from 10.30 am – 11.30 am. If you can’t make that time, you can still send us a question and we will share the recording of the session later. You can find out more on our previous web update, dated Friday 6th November.


Ofsted: Children hardest hit by COVID-19 pandemic are regressing in basic skills and learning.

  • Ofsted’s second report into the impact of the pandemic finds that children who were hardest hit by school closures and restrictions have regressed in some basic skills and learning
  • Some young children, who were previously potty-trained, have lapsed back into nappies, particularly those whose parents were unable to work flexibly
  • Older children have lost stamina in their reading and writing, some have lost physical fitness, others show signs of mental distress, including an increase in eating disorders and self-harm
  • Concerns remain about children who were out of sight during school closures, with falling referrals to social care teams raising fears that domestic neglect, exploitation or abuse is going undetected

Read the whole article here.


Tips for parents in a difficult living situation during lockdown

Life under lockdown can be especially tough if your living situation poses further challenges. The Parents’ Helpline experts share their tips for dealing with a lack of physical space, parental separation, arguments, aggressive or violent behaviour and domestic abuse. You can read more here.


Ideas and Inspiration for Things to Do in the Bradford area

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Bladder and Bowel UK

For people who may need to access toilet facilities urgently while they are out and about, BBUK can help. You can obtain a card that explains to retail staff, restaurants etc and you can find out more here.


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